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Couple Staying Home


Diagnosed, and surrounded by a team of doctors dedicated to saving your life, but wondering how to manage life while you fight?

I've been there. 

That's why I dreamed up PINK SYNC. To connect Breast Cancer Patients with each other and with resources. 

So you can keep living while you are fighting for your life. 

Because life goes on. 

Hi! I'm Cami Kapp.

​I've spent the last 14 months fighting Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

​I remember it was all I could do to get myself to go to my Chemo treatments. Once I was there,  I would engage with the people around me to distract me.

I had many heart to heart conversations in the chemo center with women who started as strangers and ended as women I pray for.

Those conversations changed me. They gave me strength and courage to get through another week.

I relied on these cancer friends for tips on how to take care of myself after my mastectomy, how to manage mental health struggles, how to manage relationships and life.

I started dreaming of an event where women going through treatment could come together and share their tips and tricks for self-care, their resources for managing mental and emotional health, learn from professionals and just connect over the shared experience of breast cancer. 


And PINK SYNC was born.​​

  • It's free and accessible to all local breast cancer patients

  • We have experts in every area for learning how to manage during treatment, from surgeons to mental health to dieticians

  • We have YOU. You are the most important part of this event. You are valued here. 


We come together with the same goal of showing up in a new way for ourselves and our families. 

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